Mango & Go-Go

I love mango. I love anything mango flavored and if it has fresh or frozen mango in it? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!
So when I started making body products and learned about MANGO BUTTER I damn near lost my mind!

I discovered very quickly that it doesn’t smell like mango (le sad), but my favorite fragrance oil fixed that right up. I whipped  up a mix of mango and shea butters and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin! 

Getting my sniff on.

It smells sooooooo good!

My body absolutely loves it! My wife and mother both tried it and said it was too greasy and didn’t absorb. Go figure.

I love mango butter because it leaves my face moisturized all day and I don’t have to apply it again until my shower the next day. One thing to bear in mind is that mango is a pretty firm butter and a little bit goes a loooonnnnng way.
Here’s a look into my morning routine fresh from the shower.

Mmmmm mango.

Yup get it all over, I do NOT want to have to apply any later!

All rubbed in and ready to go for the day!

The thing with butters is that you have to sort of use trial and error to figure out what works best for you!
How to make it?


Mango butter

Shea butter

Your favorite fragrance or essential oil

Melt equal parts shea and mango butters with a double boiler, you could add coconut oil too if you like. I actually just use the bowl from my Kitchen Aid mixer for the double boiler to reduce more cleanup. Just wipe the water off the bottom when it’s done melting and I like to use a pot holder before I put it in the fridge or freezer.

Store in the fridge or freezer for 10-20 minutes until your liquid has hardened again and has turned white again, but is still a bit runny underneath.

Return bowl to mixer and use the paddle attachment to whip your butter. While this is happening you can add your fragrance or essential oils. 

When you’re satisfied that it’s the consistency you like best, it’s time to transfer to a clean jar or container. Remember to take height into consideration! Nobody likes to snag the webs of your fingers on the rim of a jar.
Just let it set up and enjoy’