Hi! And welcome again to Bath Moms!

I’m Crystal, my wife and I own ilani~lynne and I make handmade bath and body products!

I started making my own body products after my health declined in 2015 and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then, on a trip to Europe, after over a year of misery that I won’t scare you with (let’s just say my stomach and I aren’t on the best terms), I didn’t get sick once, not even for a single second. It was the best trip ever. That was when I deduced that the problem may be whats going into my body (GMO’s y’all!! Europe has different rules about food like GMO’s being illegal for one.) so I decided that my family was going to start going organic and I was going to start making my own body products.

And having two ADHD boys also helped encourage the decision, they certainly benefit from a lack of unnecessary chemicals in their lives and they enjoy being my guinea pigs at bath time. I call that a win-win!

Shortly after delving into the world of handmade body products, I discovered the miracle that is Castile soap! I prefer to buy the organic bars and melt them down to make my own liquid. Super cost efficient, I even wrote a post about it here!

More on that in just a minute.

Now, we’ve all passed the LUSH store at the mall and if the smells from inside didn’t attack your nose, it would certainly be assaulted upon entering the store. Now I’m not saying this like it’s a bad thing, it’s just a lot of smells going on and if you have a sensitive nose, you may just want to walk the other direction.

If your nose can brave the opportunity to peruse their wares, you’ll find all kinds of lovely bath bombs, soap jellies, bath bars and all other manners of products for the bath. Unfortunately, many of their bomb-like products have things in them that can irritate skin that is more sensitive; things like SLSA, SLS, citric acid and corn starch.

Now, back to my newfound Castile addiction. I realize that these fizzy bath products are really pretty and super fun to use, but they in no way fall into my plan of living a new organic and natural (as possible) lifestyle *cry* and dammit I want to use all the pretty things too!

So it’s become my mission to try to create these fizzing wonders with Castile and find other natural substitutes for the foaming and fizzing action. I’ve come up with a basic formula so far that is fairly versatile and works like a dough so it can be pressed into a mold, scooped, rolled and shaped.

It doesn’t shoot colors and get all fancy like the bath bombs you find at the store, and due to a lack of citric acid or SLSA the foam and bubbles aren’t quite the same, but it is a nice alternative for those with skin sensitivities so that they don’t have to miss out.

It is my mad scientist mission to figure out how to make more skin safe products while not sacrificing the fun colors and foaming action, keep an eye out for my successes, failures and rants along the way!