Down To Earth


Now that I finally have a minute for myself, I’m Maria and I’m a home maker who loves to make homemade beauty products. I’m a SAHM of two teens, who I love, even though the drive me completely insane.

I’ve been making my products for about three years now, and I’m constantly learning something new, it’s one of the things I love about it, the room for growth is endless.
What got me started was my mother’s passing, I was struggling with weight loss for years, and was on the fence about gastric sleeve surgery. When she passed away, I got off that fence, and to have this surgery there’s a lot of work involved and one of them is nutritional classes.

I learned so much about putting healthy food that counts into my body. After my surgery it occurred to me, why am I cleansing my insides but using chemicals on the outside. So it was this natural progression to using all natural products, and I am slowly working my way into making everything in our own home to natural ingredients. My kids are my motivation, as cheesy at it sounds, my daughter came up with my business name, my son has named some of products. My life has naturally progressed this direction from the good choices I make towards living healthy. I should say that I started out completely all natural but I did start using SLSA in my bath bombs but because I love making bubbles!
This job may sound easy to some, and for some it is, but with my broken body I work twice as hard as a healthy person, and my work has a lot of emotion put into it.
I’m excited to share my trial and errors with you, and learn something new along the way.




Welcome to Down To Earth Beauty.