Be Fair To Your Hair

So I’ve done a bit of research on how butters work and done some of my own experimenting and I wanted to share it with you because we need to stop listening to every ad for hair care products out there and start listening to our hair!!! 

Can I get a Hair Yes????!!!!

I also wanted to mention that I have very curly mixed hair that is multi-textured and my mom and I have had some epic mornings trying to tame the beast when I was a kid. I am tender headed like you would not believe so the less I have to do with my hair, the better. 

So what did I figure out?

For ME I decided that I no longer want to use coconut or shea butters in my regular hair are routine. *insert audible gasp here*

You’re thinking, “but Crystal, why????” So just let me say I do use a shea and coconut based hair protectant when I straighten my hair, so I’m not totally  against them, they just aren’t for every day use. And again this is just about MY hair, either of these options might be great for your hair!

Get to the point!

Okay, okay, so here’s what I came up with. If you go slather on some coconut oil or shea butter by themselves you will notice that your skin carries a moisture barrier for quite a while…like, a lot.

When you do this to your hair every day you aren’t letting any new moisture in and you’re creating a buildup on your hair. Whatever soap you’re using to cleanse doesn’t really strip all of the residue off because you’re already adding more in the process. That makes sense, right?

This made my hair sad and a little less like itself, but not so much that I was totally bothered. My hair was a hot mess when I was using store bought products so this was still a dream!

Then I read an article at about how these specific butters do exactly what I mentioned above about locking moisture in AND locking it out, mostly because they are heavy oils and we use way too much of it. This sealed the deal for me, it was time for change! Yay!

So what did you do?

I made shampoo without coconut oil or shea butter, dammit! I found a lovely lady about 20 miles south of where I live, who makes her own olive and avocado butters. The moment I heard those magical words I had to try them both!! The idea of a lighter oil made me very excited! I had tried an argan oil based leave-in conditioner that was probably one of the better things I was using back in my store bought days. I’d also done my research on olive oil and avocado oil for hair and it didn’t take long before I had my new shampoo all planned out.

So I mixed the two together with liquid Castile soap, emulsifying wax and water, added some sweet orange essential oil and vanilla spice fragrance and voila! amazing shampoo. I call it Hairy Godmother ❤️

It even lathers great!

My hair hasn’t been this happy since I was a kid. I shit you not, I use ZERO product in my hair after I get out of the shower whether it’s a day I washed my hair or not and I usually wash it twice a week.

Happy Hair!

So when my multi-textured hair all works in harmony together, that makes mama a happy girl. 

So my general point is that you should try to make your own shampoo and mix a few things together to see what works best for you, not what the media tells you is best for you. 

Happy hair to you all!